A new software implementation of the Oslo method with rigorous statistical uncertainty propagation

Published: 27 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jbthtbm9bd.1
Jørgen E. Midtbø,
Fabio Zeiser,
Erlend Lima,
Ann-Cecilie Larsen,
Gry M. Tveten,
Magne Guttormsen,
Frank Leonel Bello Garrote,
Anders Kvellestad,
Therese Renstrøm


The Oslo method comprises a set of analysis techniques designed to extract nuclear level density and average γ-decay strength function from a set of excitation-energy tagged γ-ray spectra. Here we present a new software implementation of the entire Oslo method, called OMpy. We provide a summary of the theoretical basis and derive the essential equations used in the Oslo method. In addition to the functionality of the original analysis code, the new implementation includes novel components such as a rigorous method to propagate uncertainties throughout all steps of the Oslo method using a Monte Carlo approach. The resulting level density and γ-ray strength function have to be normalized to auxiliary data. The normalization is performed simultaneously for both quantities, thus preserving all correlations. The software is verified by the analysis of a synthetic spectrum and compared to the results of the previous implementation, the oslo-method-software.



Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics