Quantitative phase analysis of magnetic Fe@C nanoparticles

Published: 16 November 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jcnp3wv4g2.1
Alexander Germov,
Dmitriy Prokopyev,
Konstantin Mikhalev,
Boris Goloborodskiy,
Mikhail Uimin,
Anatoliy Yermakov,
Alexander Konev,
Artem Minin,
Sergey Novikov,
Vasiliy Gaviko,
Aidar Murzakaev


Phase composition of Fe@C nanoparticles has been investigated with 57Fe NMR and Mossbauer spectroscopy. NMR spectra demonstrate single domain state of alpha-Fe as an additional/shifted line in spectrum.


Steps to reproduce

Raw NMR data can be opened in Bruker topspin software. Two-digit numbered files are spectra on each frequency. Five-digit numbered files are sum of these spectra. Raw Mossbauer data can be opened in UnivemMS software. Calibration file of pure Fe is attached.


Institut fiziki metallov imeni M N Miheeva


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Mossbauer Spectroscopy