Obtaining more benefits from crop residues as soil amendments by application as chemically heterogeneous mixtures

Published: 28 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/jcrvmb8hwy.2
M Struijk, Andrew Whitmore, Simon Mortimer, Tom Sizmur


This dataset consists of three components: 1. Initial soil data detailing values of baseline soil properties prior to application of soil amendments 2. Treatment effects detailing values of several soil properties measured 44 days after application of the soil amendments consisting of crop residues. Both mixtures of crop residues and individual crop residues were applied to be able to calculated non-additiviy of effects. 3. Non-additive effects detailing the percent non-additivity of treatment effects on soil properties, calculated as (1) %effect = (treatment - control)/control * 100%, and then (2) % non-additive effect_mixture = % effect_mixture - (% effect_compost +% effect_residue), where "residue" refers to straw or woodchips.



University of Reading


Soil Organic Matter, Synergism, Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio, Decomposition of Crop Residues, Agricultural Residues