Study 1 dataset (Empathy and utilitarian choice in sacrificial dilemmas)

Published: 22 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jczjwnbdf3.1
Reina Takamatsu


Article title: Turning off the empathy switch: Lower empathic concern for the victim leads to utilitarian choices of action STUDY1 Participants Valid: N = 275 Measures: 1) Utilitarian choices of action in a) footbridge and b) raftboat dilemmas: - 4-point scale, ranging from 0 to 3. - 0 (definitely no) to 3 (definitely yes) - Higher scores indicate more utilitarian 2) Other-focused and self-focused empathy: - Participants were asked to rate the extent to which they were feeling emotions after reading a dilemma scenario - 5 emotion adjectives reflecting other-focused empathy (i.e., empathic conner) - 5 emotion adjectives reflecting self-focused empathy (i.e., personal distress) - 7-point scale, ranging from 1 to 7. - 1 (not at all) to 7 (extremely) - Higher scores indicate that the respondent felt more other-focused/self-focused empathy in response to the dilemma



Nagoya Daigaku