visual attention dataset

Published: 5 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jfnjhb33yy.1
priyanka ghosh


This dataset contains raw stimulus files and pre-processed EEG data files corresponding to two visual attention tasks that look at the effect of salient distractors while doing goal-driven tasks. We also provide the reaction time of each trial, 3D sensor location and structural MRI of each participant. This dataset can be used to replicate the experiment across different cohorts of the population using the raw stimulus files and compare it with the normative patterns obtained in the results with this dataset. This dataset was tested on young healthy individuals in the age group of 21-29 years.


Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce this dataset have been described in a DataInBrief article titled "A psychophysical paradigm to study the brain network mechanisms involved in reorienting attention to salient events during goal directed visual discrimination and search tasks". To replicate the experimental paradigm, please refer to the README text provided with the stimuli files.


National Brain Research Centre


Attention, Cognitive Neuroscience