Relationship between IQ, DQ and SQ in young children with hearing impairment

Published: 23 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jfsd492kzs.1
Simran Soni, Freddy Antony


The data was collected from 40 young children with hearing impairment (YCHI) and their caregivers at the Department of Clinical Psychology, in a Government teaching Institute of Speech and Hearing. These 40 YCHI underwent the SFBT, the GDT, the DST, and the VSMS. YCHI were referred for assessment of intelligence prior to cochlear implant surgery. Assent from the caregivers of the participants was taken. A positive correlation was found between the GDT IQ and the SQ (r= 0.558, p < 0.01), the GDT IQ and the DQ (r= 0.431, p < 0.01), the SQ and the DQ (r=0.576, p< 0.01). On comparing the means of the SFBT IQ, the GDT IQ, the DQ and the SQ, the mean of the SFBT IQ was the highest and the mean of the DQ was the lowest. The DQ was 35 and 31 points lesser than the SFBT IQ and the SQ respectively. SFBT IQ score was higher (3 points) than the SQ.



All India Institute of Speech and Hearing


Human Intelligence, Hearing Loss, Social Intelligence