Data for: Do vehicle efficiency improvements lead to energy savings? The Rebound Effect in Great Britain

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jfxptm2gk5.1
Matteo Craglia


This folder contains the main python codes used to conduct the analysis of this paper. These read in the raw data, clean and sample the data, before joining on additional datasets and running panel data regressions. Data on fuel prices, GDP and weather are included in the Research data folder. These are listed by the year and month of the first test in a driving period and the number of months covered in the driving period. For example a driving period between two MOT tests that begins on Jan 2006 and ends in Mar 2006 would cover a ‘delta’ of 3 months and the fuel price value would be the average fuel price over this time period. The programs to replicate the empirical work carried out in this paper are uploaded via the submission system to aid transparency in line with the journal’s replication policy. However, the main dataset used in this study is too large to upload to the site (>30 Gigabytes), this data is publicly available and a link is included in the programs where interested readers can freely download the data and run the programs. Similarly, the fuel consumption data used in section 4.3 is also publicly available but is proprietary meaning it cannot be uploaded, but can be freely accessed by the interested reader, links are also included in the python files for the sources of this data. All other data is uploaded with the article submission. Please contact if there are queries.



Price Elasticity, Rebound Effect