Benchmark Dataset for the Voronoi Diagram of 3D Spherical Balls

Published: 24 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jgb8g5m6k9.1
, Deok-Soo Kim


1. Summary This is a dataset to be used for the construction of the Voronoi diagram of 3D spherical balls (VD-B3). The dataset consists of sphere arrangements including general, anomaly, and extreme cases. The dataset also includes protein models downloaded from RCSB Protein Data Bank (PDB). The dataset can be used as a standard benchmark dataset to verify and validate the accuracy, efficiency, and robustness of the construction algorithm. 2. Dataset description 2.1. Sets of random 3D spherical balls within a spherical container: BALLCLOUD, BALLSMALLSET[1,10], VISUALSET (Vis-I-10). Hereafter a ball denotes a 3D spherical one. 2.2. Sets of random balls touching a reference sphere: EXTREMESET, VISUALSET (Vis-V-20, Vis-VI-6, Vis-VII-20) 2.3. A set of balls on a grid: VISUALSET (Vis-IV-60) 2.4. Sets of balls for anomaly case in Voronoi diagram: ANOMALYSET, VISUALSET (Vis-II-5, Vis-III-5) 2.5. A set of protein models downloaded from RCSB Protein Data Bank: PROTEINSET 3. File format The integer of the first line denotes the number of balls. Each following line contains the definition of each ball with 5 fields in order: id (integer); x-, y-, z- coordinate of ball center (floating-point number); radius of ball (floating-point number). The floating-point number is represented up to six decimal places. Each file in BALLCLOUD, BALLSMALLSET, EXTREMESET, ANOMALYSET, VISUALSET follows the data format.


Steps to reproduce

A manuscript describing this dataset is being reviewed in Data in Brief journal. The details for the dataset will be open in the article if accepted.


Hanyang University


Computational Geometry