Supplementary Information for: High pressure thermoelasticity and sound velocities of Fe-Ni-Si alloys

Published: 7 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jgd3gw2pzy.1
Rachel A. Morrison, Jennifer M. Jackson, Jiyong Zhao, Wolfgang Sturhahn, Thomas S. Toellner


Supplementary information for High Pressure Thermoelasticity and Sound Velocities of Fe-Ni-Si Alloys, including 1) raw NRIXS spectra, 2) additional figures pertaining to the vibrational Grüneisen parameter, 3) an approximation for the vibrational Grüneisen parameter via an alternate determination method, 4) determination of Lamb-Mössbauer factors, 5) an additional figure pertaining to the vibrational entropy and thermal expansion, 6) determination of vibrational kinetic energy and specific heat capacity, 7) figures comparing our re-analysis of data published in Murphy et al. 2011a, 2013 with the original values, and 8) additional data tables including experimental conditions, equation of state parameters, molecular masses, sound velocity results corrected for natural enrichment, and additional vibrational quantities derived from the phonon density of states



Mineral Physics, Equations of State, Minerals in Earth's Core, Silicon, Nickel, Thermoelasticity, Iron, Powder X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Scattering, Velocity