Data for: Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships among citrus germplasm in the Western Caucasus

Published: 18 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jgw5bgtc35.1
Stefanie Reim


In our study, 130 different citrus accessions including 24 species or interspecific hybrids maintained and bred at the Federal Research Centre, the Subtropical Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FRC SSC RAS) were genetically investigated using 13 biparental (ncSSR) and 13 uniparental (orgDNA) markers. After STRUCTURE analysis, the single accessions were allocated to eight genetic clusters and their relationships were elucidated. We identified twenty accessions as misclassified and reassigned them to the correct species. A high genetic diversity was observed on basis of the nuclear ncSSR markers, while on basis of the chloroplast orgDNA a clear cluster-specific genetic structure was detected.



Genetic Marker, Genetic Diversity, Crop Germplasm Resource, Citrus Fruits