Data set used for paper titled- "A Comparative Analysis of Indoor Insect Pests and Illnesses of Inhabitants in Malappuram, Kerala, India"

Published: 13 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jh3rgs47mj.1
Sajidha Mohammed


A detailed survey was conducted at 403 randomly chosen indoor systems for a period of approximately 5 months (23-09-2020 to 17-3-2021). The survey covered 322 indoor spaces from 56 rural villages and 81 indoor spaces from 4 municipalities of the city of Malappuram (Coordinates: 11°N 76°E), in the State of Kerala, India. The approximately 5-month data was aggregated for statistical analysis using R (version 4.0.5). Chi square test were used to find the significance by using absence/presence of illnesses as the first variable and the absence/presence of insects as the second variable. This data set has the data used for the preparation of figures titled: 1- The percentage of indoor inhabitants reporting disease symptoms. 2- Probable reasons for the appearance of the negative health symptoms as observed by the inhabitants, Allergic Insects , Kind of Allergies 3- Percentage of indoor spaces reporting the presence or absence of Beetles, Ants , mosquitoes and Biological Contaminanats for the presence or absence of indoor spaces with "Zero" or "Atleast one " inhabitant with an illness.



University of Calicut, MES Mampad College


Zoology, Entomology