Motor sequence learning data collected continuously for fifteen days of practice using a novel glove-based typing device

Published: 3 November 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/jhwz4gzcsb.2


The dataset is organized into folders and subfolders for easy accessibility and reusability by fellow researchers in the field. The hierarchy of the folders is as follows; root folder signifies the participant ID followed by subfolders indicating different practice sessions (Day 1 to Day 15). The practice session subfolder consists of twelve text files for each of the twelve blocks performed by the participants in a given practice session. The block files were named in the following nomenclature “data_block_(block number).txt”. These text files consist of three columns, and they are as follows column 1-letter (key) pressed/released, column 2- timestamp of pressed/released keys, and column 3- timeline in seconds. Column- 1 registers the pressed key and its corresponding release activity indicated as “LCONTROL”. Column- 2 accounts for the corresponding timestamp of key press and release activities. Column - 3 indicates the key press and release information in terms of seconds. This third column was calculated by subtracting the key press and release timestamp information of all the letters typed in a given block with respect to the first key pressed. Hence, the third column of the first key pressed in any block was considered as the zeroth instance indicated as zero in these files.



Indian Institute of Technology Madras Department of Applied Mechanics


Behavioral Neuroscience, Motor Learning, Sequence Learning