Data for: Simulation Analysis of the Hydration Heat of Large Diameter CFST Arch and Its Effects on Loading Age

Published: 18 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jhz2gy965y.1
Jinbao Xie, Jianyuan Sun


The uploaded research data file associated to the article is research_data.xlsx, which gives the data for some figures and tables in this paper, including Fig. 3(Temperature variations within the first 50 hours), Fig. 6 (Fitting results for C50 micro-expansive concrete, (a) Ec, (b) fcu), Fig. 7 (Hydration heat temperature field along the arch axis), Fig. 8(Temperature variations at the reference points), Fig. 9(Cross section temperature field caused by hydration heat in 10 days), Fig. 10(Developments of fcu, Ec at reference points), Fig. 11(Variation of △fcu and △Ec with age), Fig. 12(Variations of fcu, Ec developments with different tube diameters), Table 4(Temperature at typical points along the arch axis), Table 5(Developments of fcu and Ec of the concrete in the steel tube).



Heat Conduction, Bridge Engineering, Properties of Concrete, Concrete Filled Steel Tube