Private tutoring of senior lower and upper secondary students and some influencing factors – Data from Vietnam.

Published: 28 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jj75nm9d3m.1
Ngan Tran


The dataset provides large-scale evaluation data on the private tutoring status of senior lower and upper secondary senior students in Vietnam and some factors that affect their private tutoring. The questionnaire was built based on the PISA 2019 questionnaire framework, where the questions were adjusted to fit the private tutoring issues of grade 9 and grade 12 students in Vietnam. The survey sample was collected using a two-stage stratified sampling method with the participation of all 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam, divided into 6 economic regions: Northeast and Northwest, Red River Delta, North Central Coast and Central Highlands, South Central Coast, Central Highlands, and Mekong River Delta. The survey was conducted directly in May 2019 with feedback from 15,221 grade 9 students and 19,412 grade 12. The raw data is stored in an Excel spreadsheet and analyzed for descriptive statistics, specifically mean values, standard deviations, and ranges. The dataset is expected to benefit policy planners, educators, school managers, and teachers interested in the private tutoring of lower and upper secondary students.



Social Sciences, Education, Social Science Education