Cooking and Food Provisioning Action Scale (CAFPAS) - Revalidation and Empirical Application in the Czech Republic

Published: 9 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jjdnpr356p.1
Lukas Zagata,


The file includes primary data collected through a quantitative survey conducted in the Czech Republic between January and April 2021. Data in the survey were collected by a professional research agency, using the IBM Data Collection system. Data were gathered with a combination of several techniques that ensured the representativeness of the sample across different population groups.  For details see the original paper associated with the data file. The available file includes original dataset in the SPSS Statistics Data File Format Family (.sav). The SPSS Statistics File Format is a proprietary binary format, developed and maintained as the native format for the SPSS statistical software application. The Cooking and Food Provisioning Action Scale allows researchers to examine people´s attitudes and skills associated with cooking and food preparation. The key feature of this scale – which also sets it apart from other food and cooking measuring instruments and tools – is its emphasis on food agency . The Cook and Food Provisioning Action Scale contains 28 questions classified into three groups (Self-efficacy, Attitude and Structure). For details on the CAFPAS see: Lahne, J., Wolfson, J. A., & Trubek, A. (2017). Development of the Cooking and Food Provisioning Action Scale (CAFPAS): A new measurement tool for individual cooking practice. Food Quality and Preference, 62, 96-105.


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See the 'Data and Methods' section in the associated journal publication.


Ceska Zemedelska Univerzita v Praze


Sociology, Food Science, Consumer Preference, Scaling Technique