Locomotor responses to salt stress in native and invasive mud-tidal gastropod populations (Batillaria)

Published: 27-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jjjmh26c2g.1
Phuong-Thao Ho,


This data set includes footage videos of snails reacting to different saline regimes of 13, 23, 33, and 43 PSU. These snails were collected from the north and east coast of the Japan archipelago (Nemuro city, 43°15’N, 145°28’E and Matsushima bay, 38°22’N, 141°4’E), and the west coast of the USA (Monterey bay, Elkhorn Slough, 36°49’N, 121°45’W). There are three zipped files named after the sampling sites of Nemuro, Matsushima, and Elkhorn Slough. Each zipped file contains 15 folders labeled with recorded day. Each of these contains 80 AVI files labled with format of Recorded day_Salinity_FF_number, in which FF is "FastForwared" and numbers are identies of recorded snails. For example, the first video in Matsushima zipped file/Folder Day 1/Day 1_13_FF_1 is locomotor video of snail 1 recoreded in the first day of acclimation experiment when exposed to 13 PSU.