Dried crickets (Gryllus sigillatus) and black soldier fly larvae meal (Hermetia illucens) for use in broiler chicken diets: Nutrient composition and availability

Published: 23 November 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/jjsctjd6fw.2
Stephanie Collins


This research includes data that was originally conducted to meet the requirements of an MSc Thesis by Holly Fisher in 2021 at Dalhousie University in the Faculty of Agriculture in the Department of Animal Science, Bible Hill, NS, Canada, titled, “Evaluation of cricket meal (Gryllus sigillatus) and black soldier fly meal (Hermetia illucens) when incorporated in broiler chicken (Gallus gallus) diets," and specifically accompanies the chapter, "Digestibility of freeze-dried and oven-dried cricket meal cricket meal (Gryllus sigillatus) and black soldier fly meal (Hermetia illucens) in broiler chickens," within the same thesis. This dataset includes the individual pen growth, feed intake, apparent metabolizeable energy (AME) and nutrient digestibility data from this research.



Dalhousie University


Insect, Animal Feed, Feed Digestibility, Novel Food Ingredients, Animal Study in Nutrition Research, Broiler Chicken


Midgard Insect Farm Inc. (in-kind support)

Nova Scotia Business Inc. - Productivity and Innovation Voucher