Data for: BIM assisted BAS Information Exchange using BACnet and IFC

Published: 11 December 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jjz9bch339.1
shu tang,
Dennis R. Shelden,
Charles M. Eastman,
Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi,
Xinghua Gao


This data set contains the exchange requirement to create the BACnet MVD, final IfcDoc file, and BACnet-MVD Documentation in HTML. The BACnet_MVD_Final.ifcd file contains full sets of entity and concept usage, custom-made concept templates, and property sets. To open this file, download IfcDoc tool at The ER-BACnet MVD.xlsx lists information units, functional parts, import/export requirement and mapped concepts. The BACnet-MVD Documentation zip file demonstrates a sample HTML version of the BACnet MVD.



Construction, Interoperability, Building