Data on growth, survivability and water quality of edible oyster (Crassostrea spp.) in indoor culture fed with selected microalgae

Published: 15 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jk6pc8h5vj.1
Mohammad Ekramul Haque, Mahima Ranjan Acharjee, Subeda Newase, Sifatun Nur, Trina Das, Sadia Afrin, Zahidul Islam, Abdullah Al Shamim, Tashrif Mahmud Minhaz, Helena Khatoon


Table 01. Physico-chemical parameters of edible oyster (Crassostrea sp.) cultured in different treatments for 180 days’ experimental duration Figure 01. Survival (%) rate of edible oyster in different diet Figure 02. Range of length increment, width increment, thickness increment, and weight gain of edible oyster at Filtered seawater, Chaetoceros sp., Chlorella sp., and a mixture of Chaetoceros sp. and Chlorella sp. (T3) treatments respectively.



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