Data on landlords decisions about their renters

Published: 12 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jm9mdznknf.1
Mojgan Taheri Tafti


This file includes data collected through a questionnaire technique in the city of Sarpol Zahab in 2019, two years after a massive earthquake. The questionnaire was distributed among those landlords who finished the reconstruction/repair of their buildings. Data on 142 rental units was collected and analysed, using the R software. For answering the question of which factors led the landlord to evict a renter, a logistic regression model was adopted. As dependent variables, 0 represented rental units where renters stayed and 1 where they had to leave. explanatory variables included: landlord's investment; number of rental units she/he owned; pre-earthquake rent; pre-earthquake renter's relationship with landlord; post-earthquake renter's social relationship with landlord; the level of damage to the unit; and neighbourhood housing price. For addressing the question of what factors affected the decision of landlords about the rental price, multivariate regression model was used. explanatory variables included pre-earthquake rent; investment of the landlord; number of rental unit he/she owned; pre-earthquake ad post-earthquake renter's relationship with the landlord; the rental unit's level of damage.



Urban Community, Disaster Aid