Data for: Heat performance investigation of phase change materials for the cooling array system on vehicles

Published: 1 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jmdb46tw8n.1
Xiaomeng Ren


This database includes three parts: data and pictures in the paper (file "pic"), TPS models tested in the paper (file "MainModel") and validation cases (file "VerificationCase"). First, the "pic" file provides the raw and processed data, as well as the raw and processed pictures, involved in the manuscript, such as the temperature results of different TPS models and the comparison curves of two validation cases. Second, "MainModel" file is the dabase for the target TPS models described in section4 in this paper, which investigates the effects of existence, thickness, and various properties of phase change material (PCM) on the TPS. Third, two sub-files ("MTPS" and "PCM") are in the file "VerificationCase" for the two reproduced cases discussed in section3 in this paper. Models in this file are used to verify the accuracy of the numerical simulation method in the present study by comparing the calculation data with the reference data. These three files include the geometry and mesh models, fluent models, raw and analysed data and pictures.



Aerospace Engineering, Fluid Flows Numerical Simulation