Bibliographic Source for HAdV sequences

Published: 25-01-2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/jnh663g7w9.2
Andrés Culasso,
Debora Marcone


Two approaches strategies were used to select representative worldwide HAdV sequences. The first approach consisted of a bibliographic search of respiratory HAdV epidemiology in different geographical locations performed in Pubmed. The second approach included searches in NUCCORE ( For this strategy several keyword combinations were tested. Best results were achieved with “human Adenovirus” OR “mastadenovirus” AND “hexon” AND a number or name indicating the type and or adenovirus species. Several genotypes had received different names over the time (e.g. genometype 11a and genotype 55) thus requiring several searches to include these sequences. All searches were perform on July 23th 2019.