Replication files for Gu and Hale "Climate Risks and FDI" (JIE 2023)

Published: 25 January 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jntmjf34cw.1
Galina Hale


This documentation provides replication information for all the main results reported in Gu and Hale (2023). Replication les for the online appendix and non-reported robustness tests are available upon request. This documentation is organized by the aggregation level of the analysis in the paper. Country and country-industry level analysis is based on publicly available sources, thus both data and code files are shared. The fi rm-level analysis is based on proprietary ORBIS data, which cannot be shared. The ORBIS data was accessed through the NBER-ORBIS contract and the fi le names in the codes correspond to the data as it is processed by the NBER. For this analysis, we provide a full guide of how one with access to the data can replicate the results using the code files provided. Most analysis is conducted using Stata which takes in .dta data files and .do fi les. One figure is produced using Python code for which the Jupiter Notebook-formatted fi le is shared.


Steps to reproduce



University of California Santa Cruz


International Economics, Economic Issue Related to Climate