Factors influencing schizotypal personality trait-dependent immersion and digital media usage: adaptation and maladaptation

Published: 30 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jpcjgkbpxf.1
Sandor ROZSA


ABSTRACT Immersion in the digital environment has been widely researched; however, the effects of adaptive and maladaptive personality traits on immersion have received relatively little attention up till now. This study investigates the factors of personal immersion while using entertainment and digital communication applications and other variables such as problematic internet usage, and Facebook addiction. The Immersive Tendency Questionnaire was applied to measure participants’ tendency to experience artistic and life-like scenarios in traditional settings (reading a book and watching a movie) and digital environments (playing computer games and using the internet). The study was conducted with 717 college students and graduate persons including, 186 males (mean age: 28.49) and 531 females (mean age: 28.4). The results show that lowered focusing abilities are directly linked with deficiencies in self-coherence, and maladaptive behaviors that manifest in problematic internet and Facebook usage. Furthermore, the attention/focusing ability during immersion is accompanied by coherent self-structure and psychological well-being. Therefore, for people who have adequate focusing skills and coherent self-structure, the usage of social media and computer gaming can be considered adequate digital tools for developing their cognitive and social skills.



Mental Health, Personality, Media Use