Audio latency tests in the Windows platform

Published: 17 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jppc79whwx.1


To examine the audio performance possible in the latest Microsoft Windows platform and the factors that affect the audio latency, we analyzed the timing of sound play and recording in Windows 10 and 11. We developed software tools that played/recorded sounds via audio application programming interfaces (APIs) currently supported in Windows and measured the delay for the sounds to be generated/captured after the play command was issued. Multiple tests were performed for different computers, operating system versions, sound cards, sound drivers and APIs. The uploaded files include the audio latency measures (latency_data.mat) and MATLAB scripts for generating figures and tables based on the measures. For a detailed explanation of the uploaded files and data structure, please refer to the readme.txt and latency_data.m files.


Steps to reproduce

The latency measures in this dataset are derived from analog signals that we recorded. The raw analog data files and the software tools that we developed can be accessed through the link below.


National Institute of Mental Health


Audio Recording, Audio Signal Processing, Computer Software, Sound


National Institute of Mental Health

EAM, ZIAMH002886