Sustainable Planning of Precious and Rare Elements’ Recycling From Waste Electronic Products

Published: 21 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jrnnst4wnc.1
Sule Itir Satoglu,


A Waste Electrical-Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling company is taken into account which operates in Turkey. It is assumed that WEEE are collected from 7 regions of Turkey, from a pre-determined location of each region. Data was collected from different resources about the collected/recycling amounts of products on a regional basis, the amount of precious metals obtained from recycling operations, operational and logistic costs, labor costs and the amount of CO2 emitted during the recycling processes and logistics. Annual collection targets for different kinds of WEEE (especially for electronic product wastes) were determined by the Ministry of Environment for different future years. The data for the amount of rare and precious element from each type of electronic product was collected from the literature. Besides, the data of the amount of toxic materials in each type of products was taken from the literature. The distances from the center of the geographical regions to the facilty were obtained from Google Maps. For the amount of emissions due to the logistics of the WEEE into the facility, for a selected truck type, its fuel consumption for a given payload in these conditions were taken from the associated open data sources. Other scalar and parametric data are explained in detail in the appended file. Some sensitive cost data is not revealed due to the privacy issues.



Istanbul Teknik Universitesi Isletme Fakultesi


Industrial Engineering, Reverse Logistics