A Dataset of Safety Concerns Narratives for Injury Prevention from Online Reviews of Mobility-Related Products for Older Adults

Published: 4 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jrs4sfnwyz.1
peter ractham,
Alan Abrahams,
Felipe Restrepo,
Namrata Mali,
David Goldberg,
Janay White,
Laura Prieto ,
Laura Sands,
Richard Gruss ,
Nohel Zaman,
Jonathon Ehsani


The presented dataset contains 1,966 curated online product reviews from consumers, equally distributed between safety concerns and non-concerns, pertaining to product categories typically intended for older adults. Identified safety concerns were manually sub-coded across thirteen dimensions designed to capture relevant aspects of the consumer’s experience with the purchased product, facilitate the safety concern identification and sub-classification process, and serve as a gold-standard, balanced dataset for text classifier learning.



Older Adult, Health Care Product Safety Assessment