El Cruz Azul y su afición

Published: 23-07-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/js6yf9x2xs.2
Josefina C. Santana


Cruz Azul is a Mexican soccer team based in Mexico City. It is one of the "big four": the most popular teams in Mexico. The objective of the study was to find out why respondents are fans of this particular team, and if fandom translates into attendance at the stadium. 1331 responses. According to numerous studies, sports fandom start arises from the need for distraction, evasion, and entertainment. Being a fan of a particular team is part of the human need to belong to a social group or community. According to Sarsted (2014), satisfaction of the sports fan is based on the characteristics of the team, the stadium and its peripheral services (food, beverages, parking, sound, etc.), the relationship established between the club and fans, through social media or promotions, and the characteristics of the club (its prestige, tradition, its farm system, etc.). Apparently, for Cruz Azul fans, going to the stadium meets the need for distraction and for feeling part of a community, but the tradition and history of the club are a more important part of that affiliation. For them, the current team and its performance are less important. On the other hand, the lowest score was obtained by the item The Azteca Stadium is ideal to watch the games. As the stadium and its peripheral services are an important component of fan satisfaction, this should raise a red flag for club administrators. In Spanish.