Survey on Vietnamese Students' School Alienation, Academic Contingent Self-worth and Parents' and Teachers' Academic Conditional Regard

Published: 22 February 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/jsbbfpvf6p.2


This is the dataset about Vietnamese students on school alienation, contingencies of self-worth and parents' and teachers' academic conditional regard. The survey was sent out to upper secondary school students in Vietnam from February to April, 2020 and got 2970 valid observations in return. The collected data can be used to attain more understanding about students' attitude toward school and leaning, as well as the impacts of parents' and teachers' conditional regard on students' academic achievement. Specifically, the dataset consists of five main parts. The first part is students' demographic information, including students' gender, GPA, and family socioeconomic status. The next two parts are students' perception about their parents' and teachers' academic conditional regard. The fourth part is students' academic contingent self -worth. The final part is data on school alienation which consists three domain, alienation from learning, alienation from teachers and alienation from classmates.



Psychology, Educational Psychology, Education