Immune-mediated tumor control in the 5TGM1 transfer model of multiple myeloma

Published: 8 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jvkbvjdbzb.1


Cellranger output files and .RDS integrated datasets of single-cell RNA sequencing of bone marrow immune cells sorted from steady state and tumor-bearing C57Bl/6JOlaHsd and C57Bl/KaLwRijHsd mice. Tumor-bearing mice were sacrificed 21 days after injection of 5TGM1 murine myeloma cell line. Tumor-bearing C57Bl/6JOlaHsd presented with restrained bone marrow myeloma, while C57Bl/KaLwRijHsd had an unrestrained bone marrow myeloma.


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Regarding .RDS file: The .RDS file is an integrated dataset of bone marrow NK cells from steady state and tumor-bearing C57Bl/6JOlaHsd and C57Bl/KaLwRijHsd mice. Metadata tags: timepoint (SS vs dis), Strain (b6 vs kalwrij), Mouse (individual mice IDs) Regarding Cellranger output files: The Cellranger output files are in; this contains subfolders per mice with the filtered_feature_bc_matrix output directories, including all sorted cells (NK, T, B, monocyte/macrophages, and neutrophils). Due to transcriptomic overlap with T cells, NK cells were subsetted in two steps. First, NK and T cells were first subsetted from individual mice using barcodes and a script available on our Github page (, and then merged into one object. NK cells were then subsetted from this NK/T object and then integrated into one NK object. With any questions please contact us at or


Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


Microenvironment, Myeloma, Mouse Model, Single-Cell RNA Sequencing