Farm Gate Price for Milk Cooperative Farmer Producer Members during COVID-19 in India

Published: 27-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jvm77c8w5m.1
Kushal Anjaria ,
Shweta Krishnan,
Ankit Sontakke


Sources of data are uniquely defined for a member associated with the dairy cooperative society (DCS). The patronage of each member for the functioning of the society is through milk production and then supplying to society twice, daily. The data description, therefore, centers around the member identification, the quantity of milk supplied by them during each time in a day, and the quality of milk supplied. The society is responsible to maintain transparency in each transaction that a member has with the society. For milk supply, the society shares data on each transaction of the member presenting date of supply, quantity, and quality of milk. In addition, society fixes the price for each supply-based on quality. The unit price is transparently managed by the members themselves as members govern the society. This unit price is termed as farm gate price which is due to be paid to each member who pours the milk. This price fluctuates for each transaction of the member, as the member is responsible to supply quality milk and the society educates each member to maintain quality and supports each member through training, development, and supply of quality input services. During COVID-19, the farmers face critical situations in addition to managing their milk production. It was thus imperative to understand the trend of milk supplied to the DCS and price realized.