Thermal, optical and chemcial dataset of flat premixed Laminar CH4/air standard flames

Published: 23 May 2022| Version 6 | DOI: 10.17632/jvvvgpdy48.6
Tanja Pelzmann,


This dataset contains measurements of the thermal and chemical properties of eleven laminar premixed methane-air standard flames previously defined by the DLR Institute of Combustion [1] using a flat flame burner. All properties refer to a height of 15 mm above the sintered porous metal plate. We complement the existing dataset with infrared thermal imaging, photographs, heat flux density measurements and OH*-chemiluminescence for each of the conditions. In addition, the thermochemical properties for the region of interest are calculated using the open-source chemical kinetics software cantera [2]. The code is made available here: Data in Brief article is available here: The thermal imaging data is acquired with a multispectral camera equipped with eight filters for different spectral bands. The filter specifications, as well as the laboratory conditions (temperature, humidity and barometric pressure), are given for each test. The heat flux density is measured with a water-cooled gage. The gage sensitivity, cooling water temperature and raw data are given below. References: [1] P. Weigand, R. Lückerath, and W. Meier, “Documentation of flat premixed laminar CH4/air standard flames: temperatures and species concentrations,” http//www.dlr. de/VT/Datenarchiv, no. March, 2003, [Online]. Available: [2] David G. Goodwin, Raymond L. Speth, Harry K. Moffat, and Bryan W. Weber. Cantera: An object-oriented software toolkit for chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport processes., 2018. Version 2.4.0. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1174508


Steps to reproduce

The camera settings (expose time, frequency) to reproduce the IR measurements are part of the above raw data. The burner setup and components are described in detail in the respective data in brief article.


Polytechnique Montreal Departement de Genie Physique


Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemiluminescence, Combustion, Laminar Flame, Temperature Measurement, Infrared Imaging