Teachers Paper-prototyping Augmented Reality Activities for Classroom Use

Published: 21 November 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/jwgghwd3z8.3
iza Marfisi


The dataset compiles Augmented Reality activities imagined and created by a large variety of teachers during a 6-step co-design session. The data was collected in 2022, among 18 teachers in metropolitan France and Futuna, a French overseas collectivity in the Pacific Ocean. The data describes the profiles of these teachers, in terms of teaching experience, experience using technology in class, educational subjects taught (sciences, languages, sports), and the type of school they teach in (primary schools, middle school, high school, and university). These teachers were purposely selected to provide a large variety of profiles. The data also shows the Augmented Reality activities they imagined, the educational scenarios they want to use them in, and their pedagogical goals. The described activities show the teachers’ conceptions and misconceptions of Augmented Reality and reveal similar patterns in the instructional design.


Steps to reproduce

Following a participatory-design and design space exploration, we carried out a co-design study in March 2022, with 18 teachers and two co-design sessions. One session took place in metropolitan France, in the city of Laval, with 10 teachers and was animated by three educational designers and one researcher. The other session took place on the island of Futuna, in the city of Sissia, with 8 teachers and was animated by one teacher-trainer. Both sessions followed the same 6-step organization : greeting and presentations of the goals, trying out a variety of Augmented Reality education application, imagining a custom Augmented Reality activity on a story-board, gaze crossing, finalizing the activity and presenting the activity.


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