Frequency Based Modulation of Salient Distractor Suppression is Contingent on Task Difficulty

Published: 7 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/jwvkhd2pvs.2


The data set is from a series of two eye tracking experiments testing the role of statistical learning induced by frequency manipulation of salient distractor trials on its the suppression during active visual search. Salient distractor present trials could make up for 20%, 50% and 80% of total trials, along with salient distractor absent trials, in each block. We expected RTs, dwell time, and saccade latency and percentage of saccades to indicate suppression of salient distractor and that it would vary across blocks. The trial reports were used for reaction time and accuracy analysis, the fixation report for dwell time analysis and percent of fixations, and the saccade report for first saccade latency and proportion analysis. The experiment has a distractor (present vs absent) and block (20,50,80) within-subjects design. The raw data files as well as R codes for linear mixed model analysis are available here. We found better suppression in the 20 and 80 block compared to the 50 block.



University of Hyderabad


Mixed Model, Database