Dataset of marriages and divorces in Norway 1886 until 2018 with subsamples

Published: 13 September 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jx73wpcx2c.1
Rune Zahl-Olsen


This is data on all Norwegian two sex-marriages that was formed from 1886 to 2013, with yearly follow up for until 60 years, all together 133 cohorts and 2.7 million marriages. The data presents how many of the marriages ended by divorce for each year of follow up. The data is stored in two files. One for the total sample from 1886 until 2018 and one with more details from 1981 until 2018. The latter file has details on mean age for male and female at the time of their wedding, as well as number of divorced couples for each successive year. The 1981 -2018 file holds data on urban and rural marriages as well as four different constellations of marriages, based on prior experience of divorce. More details are provided in the paper "Prospective marriage and divorce data on Norwegian cohorts of two-sex marriages from 1886 until 2018"


Steps to reproduce

The data from 1886 until 1908 stems from the report of Mamelund et al. 1997. The data from 1981 until 2018 stems from a special order from Norway Statistics. All marriages where at least one person in the couple were living in Norway was included. Follow up for each successive year to control if they still were married to the same person.


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Divorce, Marriage