Flavonoids and phenolic acid identified in raw Lombok honey via LC MS-MS QTOF targeted analysis

Published: 6 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jxd6xvmtcg.1
Saeed ullah,


In this study, we focus on hypothesis centered on characterizing the chemical composition of raw honey sourced from a specific location in Lombok Island [Madu Lombok Utara, Desa Sukadana, North of Lombok (-8.22134 116.39950)]. Using LC MS-MS QTOF targeted analysis, we identified a range of flavonoids and phenolic compounds present in the honey. The data, representing a comprehensive chemical fingerprint, derived from samples collected at the specified location. The findings include the identification of specific compounds potentially contributing to the honey's distinct qualities. The significance of these compounds in relation to known characteristics of honey offers a potential health benefits or nutritional value. The study's relevance extends to applications in quality control and geographical authenticity of the honey itself. The chromatograms, enhance the presentation of the findings. The research contributes to understanding of the chemical profile of Lombok Island honey, paving the way for further exploration into its unique properties and potential applications in various scientific domains.



Universiti Teknologi Malaysia


Biotechnology, Mass Spectrometry