An exploratory study on Fire Safety in High-Rise office commercial building: Case of Dhaka city, Bangladesh.

Published: 1 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jy9m4mvgn8.1
Tanjum Afroz,


This exploratory study aims to investigate the fire safety measures in high-rise office commercial buildings in Dhaka city, Bangladesh. The study focuses on the building design, construction materials, fire safety systems, and emergency plans. Data were collected through a questionnaire survey and site visits to six high-rise buildings. The survey findings revealed that most of the high-rise buildings in Dhaka city lack adequate fire safety measures, which make them vulnerable to fire hazards.We’ve seen a lot of fatal fire events that caused tremendous loss of human life, health along with economical damages over the past years in Dhaka. One of the main reasons for this situation was the lack of proper management system and lack of acknowledgement of this problem. Moreover, it was seen that a large number of people didn’t have any proper knowledge about fire safety and fire hazards along with how to overcome this situation. This lack of knowledge made fire accidents more dangerous and likely to cause additional losses of life and property. This research tried to find out the reasons for the ignorance on this subject. A questionnaire survey was conducted to perceive the present situation of fire safety measures that are being taken in Dhaka and opinion of different people on why fire safety measures are overlooked. From this research, it was perceived that the people got interested in knowing the fire safety measures and acknowledged the importance of this subject. It is expected that people will develop and follow an outline to minimize the fire hazard through design and construction for the safety determination. It was discovered that people are eager to solve this situation and take responsibility so that these measures are not overlooked.



North South University