Techno stress and Coping strategies

Published: 05-03-2020| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/jz42th6t4t.5
Ansar Abbas,
Dian Ekowati,
anis eliyana,
Muhammad Saud


Techno Stress and Coping Strategies


Steps to reproduce

Ready Data set with all necessary steps taken for statistical analysis Item code "coping strategies" (AVD) represents avoidance, (PS) represents problem solving, (RC) represents religious coping, and (SS) represent seeking support each measure has 2 items each. Item code (Psy) represents positive psychology) and (SC) represents social capital, both measures have 3 items each. Techno stress has three sub measure (TCX) technology complexity, (TOL) technology overload, (TUC) technology uncertainty, all have 3 items each. All variables were averaged to create the new variable