Young KREEPy mare volcanism within Oceanus Procellarum revealed from Chang’e-5

Published: 29 December 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/jzsm6kkb8v.4
Zaicong Wang


Table S1. Major and trace element concentrations of scooped soil, drilled soil, agglutinate, breccia, and basalt clasts from CE-5 lunar soil. Table S2. Hafnium isotopic composition of the Chang'e-5 soil and basalt. Table S3. Major and trace elements compositions of clinopyroxene in CE-5 basalt Table S4. Compiled data of mineral proportion and element concentrations of KREEP basalts (15386, 72275, SaU 169) and other typical lunar meteorites. Table S4 Additions. Major and trace element compositions of La Paz mare basalt meteorites. Table S5. The modelling details of hybrid mantle source for Chang'e-5 basalts. Table S6.The examples of calculated chemical compositions of the sources, primary melts and evolved melts in the model of Table S5.



China University of Geosciences