Water management affects belowground oxidizing activity and decreases cadmium uptake in a low-cadmium rice cultivar, but enhances it in a high-cadmium cultivar under intercropping

Published: 7 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jztkrr9cdd.1
Yanggui Xu,


The data are useful to study on belowground oxidizing activity and iron plaque formation with respect to Cd concentration in intercropped rice organs in the flooded system and a low ditch and raised bed cultivating system. The data can benefit ecology and agriculture research. These data also can be used to analyze the Cd accumulation and total removal of heavy metals in different cultivating systems and explore the reason that how the low-Cd rice cultivar shared belowground oxidizing activity with neighboring high-Cd rice cultivar under flooded condition, and how a rice cultivar cropped in a raised bed affects the belowground oxidizing activity of the neighboring rice cultivar cropped in a low ditch in a low ditch and raised bed system in monoculture and intercropping systems.



South China Agricultural University


Phytoremediation, Agroecology