Data on Health Belief, Planned Behavior, or Psychological Antecedents of COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy among the Bangladeshi Adults

Published: 19-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/jzvbvvknkv.1
Mohammad Bellal Hossain,
Md. Zakiul Alam,
Md. Syful Islam,
Shafayat Sultan,
Md. Mahir Faysal,
Sharmin Rima,
Md. Anwer Hossain,
Abdullah al Mamun


The Survey on Attitude towards Acceptance regarding COVID-19 Vaccine and Associated Factors has been conducted to grab a snapshot of behavioural aspects associated with the acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccine in Bangladesh and produce crucial information regarding the necessary outbreak measures to be taken to tackle the situation. This study focuses on the knowledge of COVID-19 & its vaccine, attitude toward COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine acceptancy, vaccine-related conspiracy, behavioural practice, and subjective norm related to the vaccine. The survey was carried out using a cross-sectional design with an online electronic survey and face-to-face interviews. The survey has generated data through an approximately 10-15-minute survey. Data were collected from 18 years and older Bangladeshi citizens. A sample size of 1533 has been determined through the use of statistical formula. After cleaning the data, the final sample size was 1497. Participants should take part in the survey voluntarily. The duration of the data collection was 10 days. This study explored the variables, such as knowledge of COVID-19 related vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine-related attitude, vaccine acceptancy, vaccine conspiracy, behavioural practice, subjective norm related to the vaccine, and socio-demographic status.


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