SAS syntax script for creation of a Standardized Gait Cycle

Published: 4 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k29mpr863y.1


This dataset contains a Statistical Analysis System (SAS Version 9.4) syntax script to generate a standardized gait cycle (SGC) based on already merged individual export files from a DICAM software export. Merging can be done using the prior script. By computing a standardized gait cycle, as a scale of 0-100%, measurements all differing in the number of observations are made comparable. When applying the script one SGC per measurement will be generated out of three (all available) gait cycles of different lengths as follows: 1) Each point in time of a measurement is set in relation to the duration of the respective gait cycle. Seconds are converted into percent of the gait cycle gaining 101 units (0-100%). 2) A spline function is used to obtain one smooth curve out of three (all available) single gait cycles of a measurement 3) Integer percentage values are found in the generated graph to obtain a standardized data record per subject’s measurement. The resulting raw data table can then be made available for SPSS for further analysis and to create oscillation graphs.


Steps to reproduce

Create necessary folders. Adept the script to own needs Merge single exports first. Use the created table as new input. Run the program.


Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz


Syntax, Interpolation, Gait Analysis