Data for: Holocene temperature and hydrological changes reconstructed by bacterial 3-hydroxy fatty acids in a stalagmite from central China

Published: 1 June 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k2f3p7wyft.1
Canfa Wang,
James Bendle,
Hongbin Zhang,
Yi Yang,
Deng Liu,
Junhua Huang,
Jingwei Cui,
shucheng xie


Biomarker data in a speleothem from central China record the temperature and hydrological changes over the last 9 ka BP. Supplementary Data Sheet 1: Data sheets include the distributions of 3-hydroxy fatty acids in the overlying soils, cave surface sediments and HS4 stalagmite. Supplementary Data Sheet 2: Data sheets include the RIAN values from HS4 stalagmite along with other reported hydrological data in central China. Supplementary Data Sheet 3: Data sheets include the RAN15 values from HS4 stalagmite along with other published records. Supplementary Information: 1) Distribution of 3-hydroxy fatty acids in cultured bacteria isolated from cave drip water. 2) Spearman rank correlation analysis between the RIAN from HS4 stalagmite and hopanoids from Dajiuhu peatland, central China.