Data for: Holocene temperature and hydrological changes reconstructed by bacterial 3-hydroxy fatty acids in a stalagmite from central China

Published: 1 June 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k2f3p7wyft.1
Canfa Wang, James Bendle, Hongbin Zhang, Yi Yang, Deng Liu, Huang Junhua, Jingwei Cui, Shucheng Xie


Biomarker data in a speleothem from central China record the temperature and hydrological changes over the last 9 ka BP. Supplementary Data Sheet 1: Data sheets include the distributions of 3-hydroxy fatty acids in the overlying soils, cave surface sediments and HS4 stalagmite. Supplementary Data Sheet 2: Data sheets include the RIAN values from HS4 stalagmite along with other reported hydrological data in central China. Supplementary Data Sheet 3: Data sheets include the RAN15 values from HS4 stalagmite along with other published records. Supplementary Information: 1) Distribution of 3-hydroxy fatty acids in cultured bacteria isolated from cave drip water. 2) Spearman rank correlation analysis between the RIAN from HS4 stalagmite and hopanoids from Dajiuhu peatland, central China.



Organic Geochemistry