Cyberattacks Patterns in Blockchain-Based Communication Networks for Distributed Renewable Energy Systems: A study on datasets

Published: 6 October 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k2gj4pssyr.2


The data presented in the article provides various types of cyberattacks in blockchain-based communication networks for distributed renewable energy systems, including • The scientific community in the field of cybersecurity, more specifically cybersecurity in the distributed renewable energy systems can benefit from these datasets by using them in various smart grid applications. • The scientific community by using the rarely available cybersecurity datasets can classify the normal and abnormal behavior of systems involved in the power generation, transmission, and distribution process. • The cybersecurity datasets analysis could help researchers to predict various types of cyberattack patterns in terms of frequency and continuity in the micro renewable energy systems. This definitely will help anomaly detection and mitigation in the system. • The cybersecurity and smart grid agencies with other stakeholders can in particular use these data to develop a more smart and resilient communication network to prevent various kinds of cyberattacks to protect employees, organizations, or customers’ privacy. • The datasets can be enriched with semantics annotated by cybersecurity experts to maintain the trust, credibility, and access control of the remote systems from cyberattacks in various fields such as e-health, e-transportation, e-agriculture, and many others.



University of Southampton - Malaysia Campus, Skyline University College, Vaasan Yliopisto, Khon Kaen University


Cybersecurity, Computer Communication Network, Distributed Energy System, Integration of Renewable Power Source, Blockchain


Academy of Finland