Vulcano Island (Sourthern Italy)_chemical and isotopic data of crater fumaroles

Published: 18 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k2xtnr4k6h.1
Andrea Ricci, Jens Fiebig, Franco Tassi, Sven Hofmann, Francesco Capecchiacci, Orlando Vaselli


This dataset contains original chemical and and isotopic data of volcanic gases discharged from high-temperature fumaroles of La Fossa crater at Vulcano Island (Suthern Italy). - Geographical coordinates, sampling date, outlet temperatures, bulk chemical composition and hydrocarbon concentration ratios of collected volcanic gases from Vulcano are reported in Tables 1 and 2. - Stable isotopic compositions of volcanic gases collected at La Fossa crater (Vulcano Island, Southern Italy) between 2015 and 2021 are lsted in Table 3. - Hydrocarbon concentration ratios and stable isotope composition of methane and ethane of gases collected from fumarole F5b (i.e., fumarole F5 sampled on May 2017) with or without using the titanium tube are listed in Table 4. -Results of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of H2O, CO2, N2, He, δ13C-CO2, T, H2, CO and CH4 are reported in Table 5. - This dataset also include a compilation of data from previous published studies on the chemical composition and stable isotopes of volcanic gases discharged from high-temperature fumaroles at the La Fossa crater of Vulcano Island. These data are listed in Tabls S1. - In addition, a detailed survey of published data of outlet gas temperature, methane and carbon dioxide concentrations and stable isotopic composition of CH4, H2, H2O, CO2 and CO of volcanic gases from active volcanic systems worldwide is also reported in Table S2. - Corresponding references are also reported in a separate pdf file (Supplementary Material - reference list)