Best Fit for Complex Peaks Version 3.0 (BFCP V3.0)

Published: 10-07-2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/k2yhbng5dw.4
Yaozhu Li,
Phil McCausland,
Roberta Flemming


Best Fit for Complex Peaks (BFCP V3.0). BFCP Matlab application, BFCP Standalone Desktop App (Matlab Runtime), BFCP user manual for V3.0, BFCP scripts (Pseudo-Voigt only), and tested data. Detail is in the manuscript: Li et al. Best Fit for Complex Peaks (BFCP) in Matlab® for Quantitative Analysis of in situ 2D X-Ray Diffraction Data and Raman Spectra


Steps to reproduce

Please read the BestFit User Manual 2.0 first (at least the first three sections) before installation