Learners' video clics

Published: 03-04-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k3w9gcrnyc.2
Houssam El Aouifi,
Youssef ES-SAADY ,
Mohamed EL HAJJI


this dataset was collected from learners' interactions with video courses . The recorded clicks are play, pause, jump forward, jump backward, and end. The total number of clicks recorded is (N=14604). Each file contains the clicks made by the learners for each video course. Each file contains 3 fields which are ID, sequences, and GRADE. The Sequences field contains learners' interactions with a video course, and they are represented as a series of text data, for example (\{seq1, seq2, seq3, seq1, seq5\}, \{seq2, seq2, seq4, seq5, seq5, seq3, seq1\}).