Data from W-1 well of Madingo formation in Lower Congo basin

Published: 8 January 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/k43kyd6swz.2
Youran Yang,


The Madingo formation of W-1 well in Lower Congo Basin is mainly composed of large mudstone, including thin bedded silty mudstone and limestone mudstone interlayer. The samples required for petrological analysis are collected from Madingo formation, W-1 well, Lower Congo Basin. The samples of large-grained cuttings were selected to remove impurities such as mud on the surface of the particles. All the samples are made into thin sections. Microstructure, mineral compositions and paleontological analysis are carried out under optical microscopy. Typical samples are treated by argon ion sectioning and study by backscattering and energy spectrum analysis. TOC measured data are from Madingo Formation of W-1 well in Lower Congo Basin.



China University of Geosciences


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