Data for: Terrestrial environmental change across the onset of the PETM and the associated impact on biomarker proxies: a cautionary tale

Published: 01-08-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/k447h4zghm.1
Gordon Inglis,
Matthew Carmichael,
Paul Valdes,
Daniel Lunt,
Margaret Collinson,
Richard Pancost,
Bernhard Naafs,
Alexander Farnsworth


The following supplementary information includes an additional figure (Figure S1) and datasets. Dataset S1, which is uploaded separately, contains 3 tables: Table 1: Biomarker distributions and proxies at Cobham, UK Table 2: Bulk and compound specific isotope data at Cobham (UK) Table 3: Model-derived mean annual surface temperature and precipitation estimates as a function of CO2 at Cobham (UK).